What started as a BAL Mandir in 1957 in a small room has blossomed over the decades into three eminent schools: Kikani Higher Secondary School, Kikani Matric School and Kikani Vidhya Mandir (CBSE School), comprising of almost 2500 students.

Exactly a century ago a group of Gujaratis migrated down south and settled in Coimbatore. Their efficiency in Trade and Commerce brought tremendous change to the city. Slowly and steadily the influx of Gujaratis increased and this led to the formation of Coimbatore Gujarati Samaj, after having tasted success in trading and manufacturing the members of the Gujarati Community turned their attention to philanthropic activities and Education.

Two great souls Shri Kishandas Kikani and Shri Gopaldas Kikani who strove against all odds to establish a school. Two great minds who truly believed that every child born deserves an Education. They believed that education is wealth and no youth can be robbed of it.

This dream foresight and Vision led them to take over Gujarati Vidyamandir and Elementary School established by Shree Coimbatore Gujarati Samaj and renamed it in the memory of their late elder brother. Thus the seeds of Shree Baldevdas Kikani Vidya Mandir were sown on 10th October 1951.

Within a few years a magnificent parcel of land was acquired right in the heart of the city at R.S.Puram. Plans for buildings and construction started at top speed.

Finally on 1st June 1957 the new school with a sprawling campus was ready and Shree Baldevdas Kikani High School started its Educational journey. Needless to say admissions filled up from the very first day and very soon it was on its way to become a model institution in the city of Coimbatore. “Unity in Diversity” became the school motto. Ever since, there was no looking back. The members of Kikani family jointly with Shri Coimbatore Gujarati Samaj left no stone unturned to convert Kikani into one of the finest schools in Coimbatore. As time and years rolled by, the school branched again into a matric School in 1998 and subsequently a CBSE school in 2010 at the very same campus.

It is often said that stagnation leads to decaying. A futurestic school with 21st century skills was the need of the hour. Armed with the same energy and enthusiasm the new generation of young trustees is taking this educational journey forward.

A new venture “ Kikani Global Academy” is taking shape at the scenic foothills of Perur Chettipalayam, a little on the outskirts of the city. Plans for having a truly emerging Technology school are in process and we plan to start our academic courses by June 2021.

With the blessings and support of the community at large, Kikani Institutions shall truly live up to all expectations of providing Quality Education and bear responsible instrument of service to the society and towards the cause of Education.